8 Week Term

The most in demand GAMSAT mentor and method, for less than ordinary tutoring.

I had an idea. A good one.

What if you could get tutored by Michael John Sunderland, each week, for 10 weeks in a small group setting with individual attention for less than you'd pay for a random tutor with limited experience or no how?

A master mentor is mindset and method, right there, every week, watching over you, getting you where you need to go, going above and beyond like I always do.

Well, no you can.

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After writing nearly two-thesis’ worth of Section II materials, guiding the progress of the 4000 or so members of the S2 Sorted Group on Facebook, and having a student of mine get 90+ every sitting I’ve sat; I think it’s fair to say 90plusgamsat has changed Section II. Nobody gets our results. Not even close. We are elite, but we aren’t elitist. Ergo, a product that many more can afford.

Here’s what it looks like:

Week One:
Why Section II exists and what success looks like, logic, Task A macrostructure

Week Two:
Quote interpretation, coming up with contentions

Week Three:
Task B structure, intro to psychometrics

Week Four:
Task A microstructure (of body paragraphs), refinement of macrostructure, specicifity and clarity

Week Five:
Coming up with ideas, refinement of Task A microstructure

Week Six:
Task B microstructure + advanced psychometrics

Week Seven:
Introductions & conclusions (Task A/B), writing with greater credibility + Mindset 1

Week Eight:
Style, tone, cadence, figurative language, control of language + Mindset 2

Each week will have a 45 minute theory component and a 45 minute question/answer + application period.

Further, each week you can also attempt to apply what you have learned in correcting others in the Section II Sorted group (recommended), in response to which I will correct your essays for free via video in the group. You are welcome to post anonymously.

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