90plus University

Literally everything I've got.

I'm trying to make my job redundant.

After writing nearly two-thesis’ worth of Section II materials, guiding the progress of the 4000 or so members of the S2 Sorted Group on Facebook, and having a student of mine get 90+ every sitting I’ve sat; I think it’s fair to say 90plusgamsat has changed Section II. Nobody gets our results. Not even close. We are elite, but we aren’t elitist. Ergo, a product that many more can afford.

This product organises, curates, and articulates everything I know about being successful in the face of adversity, scoring phenomenally in Section 2 and constructuing sophisticated, rock-solid worldviews - over 150 lessons, all recorded in cinema-quality video and audio.

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Here’s what it looks like

(Note for those joining on a free triral with less than 8 weeks before GAMSAT: you will have access to all prior week's content as soon as your free trial ends)

Week One:
1001 Foundation (the Principles of Success)

2001 Sqaure One: The Foundations of Knowledge (Logic, Metaphysics, Scientism, Epistemology)

1002 Quote Investigation

Week Two:
1003 Contentions (Theory, Practice, Common Mistakes)

2002: Intro to Modernity

1004 Planning / Macrostructure (Syllogisms, Coherent Arguments)

- by this point in the course you will have mastered everything that happens before you begin to write, and will have laid the foundation for ideas -

Week Three:
1005 The Foundations of Structure

2003 Pre-Modernity

1006 Task A & B Structure

- by this point you will be able to execute on your plans confidently and consistently -

Week Four:
3001 Intruiging Ideas 1 (Finding High Scoring Ideas)

2004 Theories of Human Nature

Week Five:
3002 Intruiging Ideas 2 (Organising and Integrating Ideas)

2006 The Discontents of Modernity

Week Six:
5001 Style

4003 The Last Superstition (Scientism "vs" Religion)

Week Seven:
4004 Ideological Colonisation

5002 Clarity

6001 Mindset 1

Week Eight:
6002 Mindset 2 (Extended)

+ Additional Time with Michael

Each module is approximately 3 hours worth of content, with homework on top, plus a group based zoom with Michael on Wednesday nights to ask questions from the prior week's materials.

Further, each week you can also attempt to apply what you have learned in correcting others in the Section II Sorted group (recommended), in response to which I will correct your essays for free via video in the group. You are welcome to post anonymously.

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S2 Sorted Book Series (350 pages +)

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